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Name: David J. Miclean
Address: Miclean Gleason LLP
  411 Borel Avenue, Suite 310
  San Mateo, CA 94402

Telephone:(650) 684-1181Fax:(650) 684-1182  


BAR Number:115098

15 years

SubjectPersonal Injury: Employment: Business:xReal Estate: 
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Construction: Insurance: Product Liability: 
 Other:  Intellectual Property
Plaintiff Representation: %Defendant Representation:  %

Education &

UCLA B.A -1981

Loyola Law School- J.D 1984

I make my awards based on what I would award if I were a judge or jury member listening to the evidence presented. In other words, a real world decision.

I have personally arbitrated (as an attorney representing a party), numerous (over 75), IP, business, real estate, and personal injury suits. Over the course of my career. I have also served as a San Mateo County panel arbitrator for over 10 years and was the arbitrator on approximately 15 -20 matters (mostly personal injury and business disputes). In each arbitration I conducted, I would make a real world award based on the evidence and what I thought a jury would award. I would also prepare a written decision to explain my award so the parties understood my rationale and decision –making process

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