August 12, 2020
Committee & Collaborators

Founding Committee

  • Hon. George A. Miram, Chair and Superior Court Judge
  • Hon. Marta S. Diaz, Superior Court Judge
  • Hon. Mark R. Forcum, Superior Court Judge
  • Hon. Carl W. Holm, Superior Court Judge
  • Hon. Margaret J. Kemp, Superior Court Judge
  • District Attorney James P. Fox
  • Chief Probation Officer Gene A. Roh
  • Sheriff Don Horsley
  • Superintendent Floyd Gemello, San Mateo Union High School District
  • Bill Burns, Sequoia Adult High School
  • Dr. George Torney, Executive Director Pyramid Alternatives

Each committee member brings Bridges the tools necessary to achieve the program's three primary goals.


Superior Court
  • Judges recognize acceptable participants in court
  • Oversee participants progress in monthly court appearances
Sheriffs department
  • Coordinates the supervision of the participants
District attorney's office
  • Assists in the recognition process of acceptable candidates
Private defender's office
  • Assists in the selection process and represents prospective candidates who cannot afford their own attorneys
Probation department
  • Reviews files for acceptable candidates and supervise the candidates while in the program
  • Plays a daily role in the program
County office of education
  • Offers limited vocational counseling and occasional GED testing
Sequoia adult school
  • Provides academic and vocational instruction
Pyramid alternatives
  • Provides intensive drug and alcohol treatment
  • Collects data about the participants' level of addiction
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