January 17, 2022
Juror Services

Jury Duty Scam

Our staff will NEVER contact jurors by phone regarding failure to serve jury duty. Our staff will not ask any jurors for information such as credit card numbers, bank account or other personal information such as Social Security numbers. Never provide this type of information to anyone claiming to be associated with the court. If you receive communication from someone requesting your personal information, please contact the fraud unit of your local police department immediately and the court's jury office: (650) 599-1700.

If you are scheduled to appear for jury duty from January 3rd, 2022 through January 31st, 2022, jury trials have been suspended. You are not required to come in and you are now excused for the next 12 months.
Please refer to the courts website www.sanmateocourt.org for additional updates.
If you have questions please e-mail jurymaster@sanmateocourt.org . Thank you.
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