October 23, 2019
Records Management Fees

Records Management provides copy work for Civil, Family Law, and Probate. For copies of Criminal cases, please contact the Criminal Department.

  1. Certifying a copy of paper, record, or proceeding on file GC 70626(a)(4) $25.00
  2. Preparing a copy of any record, proceeding or paper on file GC 70627(a) $0.50 per side
  3. Comparison of a copy with an original on file GC 70627(b) $1.00 per side
  4. Searching records or files, for each search longer than 10 minutes GC 70627(c) $15.00
  5. Exemplification of record or other paper on file GC 70628 $50.00
  6. Certified copy of marriage or domestic partnership dissolution record GC 70674 $15.00
  7. Retrieval of any file stored offsite GC 70631 and CRC, Rule 10.815(b)(13) $10
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