October 23, 2019
How Much is My Ticket?

A notice will be sent to the address listed on your ticket. The notice will state the amount you owe, whether or not a court appearance is required and the date by which you must take care of your ticket. If you received a ticket for a mechanical violation you may be able to pay a reduced amount if the mechanical problem is fixed. The notice will show a reduced amount if that applies. If there is a reduced amount you must send a check or money order for that amount along with proof that you have corrected the problem. Proof is provided by having a police officer sign the back of your ticket.

The Court has an interactive voice response telephone system that provides specific information on your ticket. By calling the telephone number listed on your ticket using a touch tone telephone, you may obtain information on how much you owe and whether or not you can attend traffic school. The court's interactive voice response telephone number is (650) 363-4300.

You have been given a date on your ticket to appear and, by signing the ticket, you have given your promise to appear. Most tickets can be taken care of without appearing simply by paying amount due or before the appearance date on your ticket. If you fail to pay the ticket or appear in court, additional charges of failure to appear will be added and the amount owed will be increased. A civil assessment may also be added to the amount due for your failure to appear. The Department of Motor Vehicles will be advised of your failure to appear and a hold will placed on your driver's license, and your ticket will be referred for civil collection.

If you mail in the amount owed for your ticket, the court will accept only a first party check or money order. Do not mail cash for the payment of any ticket. If you pay the ticket in person we do accept credit card payments.

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