September 21, 2020
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Court Reporter Requests
How to request a transcript?
More Information on Court Reporter Requests
Online Case Access
On this site, you will be able to search certain court records, locate case names, and view some filed documents.
More Information on Online Case Access
Attorney Portal Access
Information regarding registration to access the Odyssey Attorney Portal
More Information on Online Case Access
Electronic transfer of legal documents to and from the court
More Information on e-filing
Juror Services
You can check pre-reporting instructions and update your juror record.
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Pay Traffic Tickets / Moving Violations
Using your citation or case number and other identifying information, you can pay your ticket, sign-up for traffic school or request a 30-day extension online.
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Reserve a Traffic Court Date
Using your citation or case number and other identifying information, you can reserve a court date to appear before a judicial officer for a traffic citation/ticket. Please note that this does not apply to requests for a court trial with the officer present to contest your citation/ticket. For more information on how to plead not guilty and request a court trial date without initially appearing in court, please refer to the "Options on How to Take Care of Your Traffic Citation/Ticket" section on this website.
Reserve a Traffic Court Date
Tentative Rulings
Tentative rulings are retained on this site for 5 calendar days.
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Law & Motion Calendar
The calendar provides a view of the dates that are available for Law and Motion Hearings. The information is near real time and reflects the number of spaces available for the different types of Law and Motion Hearings at the time you access the calendar date.
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Other Online Services (On External Web sites)

Judicial Council Forms

A complete list of new, revised, and renamed Judicial Council forms, including conversion information.

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