December 3, 2022
Information Regarding the Case of The People of the State of California vs. Scott Lee Peterson, Case SC055500A

Ruling on Submitted Matter; Decision on Habeas Corpus Petition for New Trial:

Hearing set for December 2, 2022 at 10:00am is VACATED.

The judge will issue her decision in writing no later than 12/16/22, and it will be made available on the Court’s Portal.

Access to Case Information on the Court's Portal:

The Presiding Judge issued Standing Order 21-160 that allows remote access to public case information in the matter of The People of the State of California vs. Scott Lee Peterson, Case Number SC055500A. What this means is that you may now access through our online Odyssey Public Portal any public records that have been filed on this case.

To access the portal:

  • Start here:
  • Accept the Disclaimer
  • Select Odyssey Portals
  • Select Odyssey Public Portal (no registration required)
  • Select Proceed to the Odyssey Public Portal
  • Select Smart Search
  • Enter the Case Number, SC055500A
  • Select Submit
  • Select the Case Number on the left; you are now in the case
  • To go directly to the documents, select Documents from the list of options on the right (see screenshot below)
  • All events and documents are in order of oldest to newest


For questions, please contact:
Sarah Lind, Deputy Court Executive Officer

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