March 24, 2023
How to Sign Up for ADR

Fill out the Stipulation and Order to ADR form.

To fill out this Stipulation to ADR form, you and the other parties must first:

  • Agree on an ADR neutral
  • Agree on a date and time to have your ADR session
  • Schedule the ADR session directly with the neutral's office
  • Then, have all the lawyers and the parties who do not have lawyers sign the form


One of the parties must file the form in person, by mail or through a "Fax and File" Service.

Superior Court of California, Civil Division Clerk
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063-1655
There is no filing fee for filing the Stipulation to ADR form with the court.


What if we don't have a neutral yet?

You can search for a neutral by going to Search the Civil ADR Program Panelist. The panelists are lawyers, non-lawyers and retired judges who serve as neutrals. You can also agree with the other side to any neutral you both want.


If we sign up for ADR, do we still have to go to the Case Management Conference?

If you decide to do ADR and you file a completed Stipulation and Order to ADR at least 12 days before your first case management conference, the court will automatically postpone (continue) your first case management conference 90 days.

If your case management conference gets continued, the court Clerk's Office will send you a notice with your new conference date. The 90 days will give you time to resolve your case using ADR.


What if we decide to use ADR after the first conference?

If you and the other parties decide to use ADR after your first case management conference, you have 21 days after the conference to file a Stipulation and Order to ADR with the court [Local Rule 3.904].

If you have filed your Stipulation and have a second case management conference, the date of your second conference will not change.


Are there any other forms we have to fill out?

Yes. Within 10 days of completing ADR, you and your lawyer (if you have one) must each fill out an Evaluation Form.

There are 2 separate evaluation forms. One for parties,Client Evaluation and one for attorneys, Evaluation by Attorney.


Is the Stipulation and Order to ADR form for mediation only?

No. You can use this form for mediation, binding arbitration, non-binding judicial arbitration or neutral case evaluation.


Contact Information

For further information regarding San Mateo Superior Court's Civil ADR and Judicial Arbitration Programs, visit the Court's website at or contact program staff at: (650) 261-5075 or (650) 261-5076.


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