March 24, 2023
Mediation Process

How does juvenile dependency mediation work?

  1. You and the other parties will meet at the mediation. The mediators will welcome you and ask you to introduce yourself.

  2. Next, the mediators go over the rules, including:
    • the mediators' role
    • the mediation process, and
    • confidentiality
  3. The mediators will ask you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

  4. Each of you will get a turn to talk about the issues while the other parties listen.

  5. The mediators will ask questions and summarize the issues. This helps to make sure you each have a chance to hear the other party's position.

  6. The mediators will ask you and the other party to suggest options on how to resolve the issues. They will ask you and the other party to talk about each option to see if you agree.

  7. If you agree, the mediators will write down everything you agree on. This will become your agreement.

  8. All the parties will read the agreement to make sure that it includes everything that they agreed on. Then, all the parties will sign the agreement.

  9. The mediators will then ask you to complete an evaluation form. This form lets you tell us what you think about our services.

  10. After the mediation, we will mail you copies of any documents you signed.

  11. At the end of the mediation, one of the mediators will arrange to call you to see if you need any more help. You and the other parties can also come back for another mediation if you want to.
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