January 20, 2022
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury 1998 Final Report: Courthouse Security
Background | Findings | Comment | Recommendations
P>The San Mateo County 1997 Grand Jury recommended that the San Mateo County 1998 Grand Jury monitor the installation and operation of entrance security equipment at the San Mateo County Hall of Justice (HOJ) in Redwood City. The implementation of the building security system for the HOJ was scheduled for completion in July 1998.

The HOJ security system was operational on July 27, 1998. It is similar to security checkpoints at most major airports and many courthouses with some noticeable improvements, such as control of all items x-rayed by means of matching numbers at drop-off and pick-up. The system is staffed by a deputy sheriff and contract security personnel and supervised by the Sheriff’s Office.


Although details are being refined, the installation and operation of the system has been successful. The San Mateo County 1998 Grand Jury commends personnel involved in the system installation and its day-to-day operation.

Recommendation 37: The San Mateo County 1999 Grand Jury should continue to monitor the security of the Hall of Justice to ensure that the security checkpoints and other measures undertaken provide a secure and safe environment for the employees, visitors, and users of this building, with a minimum of inconvenience and the current high level of performance is maintained.
Recommendation 38: The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and the San Mateo County Sheriff should consider installing similar security systems in all San Mateo County Courthouses, if the installation in the San Mateo County Hall of Justice is determined to be cost effective .


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