May 29, 2023
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury 1999 Final Report: 1998 Response Summaries:
Administrative/Information Services

1998 Recommendation Response by Agency Action by 1999 Grand Jury
Information Services Employee Survey
Recommendation 1:
Implement by June 1, 1999, in all County departments, a suggestion program to encourage employee ideas for improvement.
Concur, citing various formats existing for the receipt of employee ideas. Response should have been "disagree." No program exists or has been established for the receipt of employee ideas. A suggestion program involving all employees is an important factor in achieving improvement in work methods and employee morale.
Recommendation 2:
The County should develop a set of ergonomic standards and evaluate all computer work stations by June 1, 1999, and correct deficiencies by December 30, 1999.
Disagree, citing restrictions imposed by State law but also citing actions taken by the County. The County has adopted ergonomic standards and is evaluating and correcting work stations, although at schedules slower than recommended.
Recommendation 3:
All County departments should phase in a standardization of basic software applications.
Disagree, citing rapid changes in software and costs. Agree with response.
Recommendation 4:
The 1999 Grand Jury should monitor preceding recommendations.
  The 1999 Grand Jury has reviewed these recommendations and responses with John Maltbie and Luther Perry and received and reviewed various documents requested by the Grand Jury.
Procedures for Receiving and Returning Purchased Goods
Recommendation 5:
County should establish guidelines and enhance employee training for the receiving and purchasing of purchased goods.
Concur, citing the guide adopted in 1995 and scheduling this subject for the next purchasing training session. Purchasing and receipt of goods by County departments is essentially a decentralized process contrary to the recommendation of a previous Grand Jury. Errors are going to occur in such a system because of infrequent use by some departments. Reminders and training are the correction.
Recommendation 6:
The 1999 Grand Jury should monitor Recommendation 5.
  The 1999 Grand Jury has reviewed this recommendation and response and has received and reviewed various documents requested by the Grand Jury.
San Mateo County Cable Network Distribution of Public Information
Recommendation 7:
The San Mateo County Telecommunications Authority (SAMCAT) should collect dues to support the San Mateo County Cable Network (SAMNET) until it becomes self-sufficient.
County: concur SAMCAT: disagree, citing preference for voluntary contributions by its members. The current SAMNET operation is funded by approximately $700,000 already in hand. The problem of funding support should be reviewed by the 2000 Grand Jury.
Recommendation 8:
SAMCAT should thoroughly evaluate the recommendations from the Stanford Alumni Consulting Team with the goal of ensuring the continuous operation of a County-wide cable television station.
County: concur, citing the creation of a position in the County Manager's office to work with and assist SAMCAT. SAMCAT: concur, with adoption of changes to take place in 1999. The 2000 Grand Jury should review the recommendations adopted by SAMCAT.
Recommendation 9:
The 1999 Grand Jury should monitor Recommendation 8.


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