May 29, 2023
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury 1999 Final Report: 1998 Response Summaries:
Environmental Management/Public Works

1998 Recommendation Response by Agency Action by 1999 Grand Jury
Animal Control Services
Recommendation 12:

The cities within San Mateo County should adopt a uniform Pet Overpopulation Control Ordinance (POP).
The cities of San Mateo and Belmont adopted ordinances similar to the County POP. Most of the other cities do not believe there is a serious need for a uniform policy. Reviewed but no report issued.
Recommendation 13:
The Peninsula Humane Society should carry out a program to promote pet owner responsibility.
The Peninsula Human Society states that it currently carries out an aggressive Pet Owner Responsibility Education Program. Agree with the response.
Recommendation 14:
1999 Grand Jury should monitor preceding recommendations.
Coastside Land Use
Recommendation 15:

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors should preserve the existing land use policies on the San Mateo County coast.
Concur. No follow-up action was recommend or done.
Recommendation 16:
County Planning Department should report to the Board of Supervisors on the effectiveness of the County General Plan and the Local Coastal Plan and report any serious conflicts with land use.
The County Planning Department supplied the committee with its report to the Board of Supervisors. A review of the report from the County Planning Department to the Board of Supervisors was done. No serious conflicts were reported.
Library System Funding
Recommendation 17:

The County should continue allocating at least $500,000 per budget year to the San Mateo County Library system.
The Board of Supervisors included $500,000 in the County budget with the stated intention to continue to do that for the next five years. It was confirmed that the funds are in the County budget.
Recommendation 18:
The library Joint Powers Authority should identify, by March 1999, alternative revenue sources for the San Mateo County Library System.
As of fall 1999 no alternative funding had been identified. The problem has been addressed for five years and no follow up by the 2000 Grand Jury is recommended.
Recommendation 19:
The 1999 Grand Jury should monitor Recommendations 17 and 18.
Noise Disclosure at County Airports
Recommendation 20-22:

The County and specific cities require special review procedures for buildings for human occupation that are within five miles of a boundary of any airport.
The County and the cities pointed out that almost all heavily populated areas in the County are within five miles of an airport boundary. Reasonable actions have been taken and no additional regulations are required. Agree.
Recommendation 23:
The 1999 Grand Jury should monitor the implementation of Recommendations 20-22.
  No action taken.
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