May 29, 2023
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury 1999 Final Report: Fiscal Department Head Meetings
Background | Findings | Recommendations

Previous Grand Juries recommended that the County Manager hold scheduled meetings with all County Fiscal Department Heads, and that members of the San Mateo County 1999 Grand Jury Fiscal/Budget Committee be included. The purpose of these meetings is to establish a forum for an exchange of budgetary control information among the participants, as well as serving as a learning process for members of the Grand Jury Fiscal/Budget Committee. These meetings are held on a quarterly basis, with the County Manager providing the agenda.


Members of the 1999 Grand Jury Fiscal/Budget Committee attended meetings held during the year and agreed that the interchange was of value to all participants, especially as to the Y2K problems that were on the agenda.


Recommendation 36

The San Mateo County 1999 Grand Jury recommends that the Board of Supervisors direct the County Manager to continue to hold quarterly meetings of the Fiscal Department Heads and that members of the San Mateo County 2000 Grand Jury Fiscal/Budget Committee continue to participate in these meetings.


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