May 29, 2023
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury

The grand jury received a complaint claiming that as a result of the budgeting method utilized by the county, its ability to borrow had been negatively affected. Research conducted by this grand jury determines that this assertion is unfounded and that the county has an A+ credit rating.

During the investigation of this complaint, members of the grand jury observed the County Treasurer-Tax Collector's office, reviewed payment processing, and interviewed personnel. Study revealed that during the past four years, this department has established a consistent pattern of handling ever increasing numbers of phone calls, pieces of mail, counter service, and daily cashiering transactions while the number of employees has decreased by 15%.

The grand jury also finds local entities and agencies within the county could achieve increased levels of monetary efficiency if the services of the County Treasurer were more fully utilized. Monies could be submitted directly to the treasurer using a standardized format. Deposit information and digital images of checks could be provided to the agency and the funds would be deposited approximately two days earlier, resulting in increased investment returns.

Commendation: We recognize and commend the County Treasurer-Tax Collector Department for its efficient use of personnel and automation..

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