August 13, 2022
How to Complain About Language Access Services

Tell the Court About Your Experience
The San Mateo County Superior Court wants all court users, including those who do not speak English well, to provide feedback. If you believe you have not been provided with reasonable or professional language access, please complete the Language Access Complaint Form - IN006 and submit it to any clerk at a public counter, via email or by mail to the Interpreter Services Division at the address listed below.

Filing a complaint regarding the court's language access services will not negatively affect your court case(s) or the services you get at the court. Your complaint regarding the court's language access services will NOT become a part of your case file or part of your case. The Interpreter Services Division will review and respond to all interpreter and language access complaints.

The Court takes all complaints about language access very seriously and we will address the concerns in an appropriate manner. You will receive an acknowledgment of the receipt of your complaint regarding the Court's language access services within 30 days.

You may file an anonymous complaint regarding the court's language access services. Please Note: we will not be able to contact you to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, to ask for more information if necessary, or to inform you of the resolution of your complaint.

Please be aware that the Language Access Services Division does not have the authority to change or modify any decision made by a judicial officer and that its review of the complaint does not, in any way, affect or extend any applicable deadlines or procedural requirements such as filing motions, appeals, modifications, etc.

Please note that if your complaint does not fall within Interpreter Services jurisdiction, it will be forwarded to the appropriate department/agency for investigation.

Thank you for submitting a complaint or suggestions regarding the San Mateo County Superior Court, Interpreter Services Division.

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