June 8, 2023
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Where is the San Mateo Court Located?
  2. What does my citation tell me?
  3. What is a Courtesy Notice?
  4. How do I get help with my citation?
  5. How do I pay my citation?
  6. What if I have a financial hardship and cannot afford to pay for my citation?
  7. What is an extension?
  8. How do I obtain proof of correction?
  9. Am I eligible to attend Traffic School?
  10. How do I get an extension to complete Traffic School?
  11. Submission of certificate of traffic school completion?
  12. What is an arraignment?
  13. What is a court trial?
  14. How long will a Court Trial take?
  15. Should my witnesses appear at the Court Trial?
  16. Should I bring evidence to the Court Trial?
  17. What happens at the Court Trial?
  18. What if I am found guilty?
  19. What if I am found not guilty?
  20. What if I do not appear at the trial time?
  21. What if I need to change my trial date?
  22. What is a Trial by Written Declaration?
  23. What happens in a Trial by Written Declaration?
  24. What is a Trial De Novo?
  25. Why is My Bail or Fine So Much?

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