March 24, 2023
Remote Appearance Protocol for Master Calendar

The Court will be expanding the use of remote appearances by way of Zoom Audio/Video to be used by our justice partners who would like to appear remotely for certain calendars and hearing types. Please refer to the Calendar Appearance Requirement Matrix, a separate attachment, for specific detail as to calendar appearance requirements (Zoom, in-person, etc.).

  • Presiding Judge's Master Calendar
    * An in person appearance is required for an ex-parte hearing absent prior approval by the Presiding Judge

The following is required of all Audio/Video attendees:

  • Follow the same courtroom etiquette requirements when appearing remotely as you would in person
  • Mute your audio when you are not speaking
  • You must state your name each time you speak so that we may capture an accurate record
  • Do not put the call on hold as music will play, and you will by disconnected by the Audio/Video conferencing host, and you will need to rejoin the Audio/Video conferencing session
  • If the case requires an interpreter, consecutive interpretation may be required
    • Please speak slowly and pause at regular intervals to allow for the interpreter to interpret for the defendant

If you have any questions, please contact the Court at

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