May 29, 2023
1997 Standing Orders
Order No. Description
97-30 Amends standing order 97-26 - Release of Information by Justice Agencies (originally filed 3/5/97) (amended by Order 01-43)
97-1 Weapons Security
97-2 Deported Probationers
97-3 Waiver of Court Fees and Costs; Authority of Clerk
97-4 Deleting or Transferring Collection of Fines Fees, Restitution Fines on Cases Readmitted to Supervised Probation in "Administrative" Case Category
97-5 Compliance with Notice of Review, Probate Department (see 99-33)
97-6 Child or Spousal Report, Family Law
97-7 Confidentiality of Records and Documents in Court Files Amended by Standing Order 02-60
97-8 Assessment of Administrative Fees on Installment and Deferred Account
97-9 Sealing of Protective Orders
97-10 Authorizing Probation to Release Criminal Offender Record Information
97-11 Weekend Commitments
97-12 Flexible Surrender Dates
97-13 Change Request for Payee of Child, Spousal or Medical Support
97-14 Filing of Inventory and Appraisement
97-15 Appointment of Public Guardian as Probate Conservator & Authorization
97-16 Granting Authority to Access Joint Bank Accounts of Conservatees
97-17 Granting Authority to Access Joint Tenancy Safe Deposit Boxes of Conservatees
97-18 Sale of Mobile Homes pursuant to Local Rule 4.41(b)
97-19 97-19 Compliance with Local Court Rule 4.45
97-20 Fines in Criminal Matters be Civilly Pursued; Authorizes $250 Civil Assessment for failure to pay Portion or all of Fine
97-21 Electronic Monitoring
97-22 Civil Pursuit of Traffic Infractions; Authorizes Trial by Declaration, $250 Civil Assessment for failure to Appear & Referral to Revenue Services for Civil Collection
97-23 Exempting San Mateo Public Guardian from the Provisions of Probate Code Sections 1060-1064 Until after October 1, 1997
97-24 Child Welfare Investigations (originally fried 12/13/91)
97-25 Release of Juvenile Court & Law Enforcement Records to Victim Center (originally filed 12/14/95)
97-26 Justice Agencies Authorized to Release Information on Juveniles (originally filed 2/6/97) (amended by Order 97-30)
97-27 Authorized to Release of Information Pertaining to Minors Described By Sections 300, 601 or 601 of Welfare & Institutions Code - (originally filed 2/6/97) (amended by Order 97-29)
97-28 School Districts Authorized to Release Information Pertaining to Minors Described by Sections 601 or 602 of Welfare & Institutions Code to any Probation Officer (originally filed 2/6/97) (amended by order 01-42)
97-29 Amends Standing Order 97-27 - Release of Information Pertaining to Minors (originally filed 3/5/97) (amended by Order 01-41)
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