May 29, 2023
2002 Standing Orders
Order No. Description
02-61 Amends Order 02-58 Waiver of Posting Public Administrator Fees (Corrects language in body of the Order from Public Guardian to Public Administrator and changes county clerk to court clerk)
02-55 Appointment of Public Guardian as Probate Conservator & Authorization of Individuals to Execute Documents and Tax Returns of Persons (Amended by 02-56)
02-56 Amends 02-55 re: Individuals Authorized to Sign and Execute Tax Documents
02-57 Compensation for Friends of The Court (supersedes 01-51)
02-58 Waiver of Posting Public Administrator Fees
02-59 Blanket Order Substituting the San Mateo County Department of Child Support Services for the District Attorney's Office
02-60 Confidentiality of Records & Documents in Court Files (Amends Standing Order 97-7)
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