May 29, 2023
Standing Orders
Order No. Description
10-111 Order Appointing Elizabeth M. Hill as a Superior Court Commissioner Nunc Pro Tunc
10-110 Standing Order Authorizing Release of Juvenile Court and Law Enforcement Records to the Victim Center of San Mateo County (supersedes Order 03-64)
10-109 Civil Pursuit of Traffic Infractions and Authorizing Assessment of $300 for Failure to Appear. (Supersedes Standing Orders 97-22 and 05-79)
10-108 New Standing Court Order on Limited Access of Video and Still Cameras in the Hall of Justice (effective 8/30/2010)
10-107 Ex Parte Applications Procedures and Format in Felony Cases (effective Sept. 1, 2010)
10-106 Felony Ex Parte Application procedures (supersedes 09-100)
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