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Going to Court
Family Court Mediation and Child Custody Recommending
What Is a Guardianship?
What Is a Conservatorship?
Juvenile Dependency Court
Juvenile Delinquency Court
Resolving Your Small Claims Case
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Resolving Your Civil Harassment Case
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Resolving Your Eviction Case
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Resolve your Debt Collection Case
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Mediation in Small Claims Cases
Mediation in Limited Civil Cases
To Appeal or Not to Appeal

Check out the Sacramento Law Library's Self-Help Videos, for videos on all types of issues, like:

  • how to sue someone in civil court,
  • serving papers,
  • writing a "cease and desist" letter,
  • doing discovery,
  • preparing for a trial,
  • enforcing a judgment, and
  • much more.


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Help Filling Out Forms
  • For a computer program that asks you simple questions and fills out the forms you need for different types of cases, visit:


Other Legal Information Websites

Note: The websites below may be part of other Superior Courts in California. Keep in mind that they may have local information that does not apply to San Mateo County. But, most of the laws, forms, and procedures are the same for every county in the state, so you can still find helpful information to help you with your San Mateo case. If you are not sure, talk to a lawyer.

  • Judicial Council Self-Help Center

  • Judicial Council Self-Help Center in Spanish

  • Judicial Council Immigration Resources


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