January 27, 2020


Presiding Judge: Hon. Jonathan E. Karesh
Assistant Presiding Judge: Hon. Leland Davis, III
Court Executive Officer: Neal I Taniguchi

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Posted October 3, 2019

Mandatory E-Filing in Family Law and Probate. San Mateo Superior Court requires that all attorneys Electronically File into Family Law and Probate cases beginning January 21, 2020.

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  • Learn how to request for a Court Interpreter
  • Tips for using an interpreter
  • What is the court interpreter's job?
  • Will a person's conversation with his or her lawyer still be confidential?
  • Will the Court Interpreter explain the proceedings?
  • What if the Court doesn't provide an interpreter for my hearing type?


We coordinate the filing of documents, payment of fees and calendaring of cases involving delinquency, dependency, adoptions and emancipation matters for minors.


New: Traffic case payments are now accepted at the Criminal Clerk's Office on the 4th Floor, 400 County Center, Hall of Justice, Redwood City too. Please note: No additional services are available for traffic cases at the Redwood City location.

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